Video Marketing For The Terrified – What To Post?

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Rumour has it Video Marketing is essential for winning new website traffic. By posting fantastic videos on Social Media, viewers want to click on your website link to find out more. They also stay longer on your website – good news for converting a visit to a sale.

Videos are an exciting way to tell your story, show off your products, and educate customers about your benefits.

81 percent of people say a brand’s video has convinced them to purchase a product (WyzOwl)But What Should You Post?

Be inspired by our Guide featuring brilliant examples of different types of Video Marketing Posts:

1. Educational Posts

What To Do: Help potential customers understand how to use your product and its value to them.

Why: 95 percent of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service (Wyzowl).

Example: Dropbox Intro Video

This explainer video shows how Dropbox lets users access all their documents in one place, wherever they happen to be, and the benefits of this service.

2. Proof It Works Posts

What To Do: When creating video success stories focus on the story of your customer and the success they achieved from using your product.

Why: Video provides social proof for your product, with customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89% (WebDam).

Example: Hubspot Airstream Customer Video

HubSpot prove the quality and relevance of their products by positive testimonials from their interesting customers. The satisfied customer explains how their solutions make business life easier and assists their growth plans.
3. Entertaining Posts

What To Do: Get people to laugh or smile.

Why: The content should intrigue them to investigate your brand further.

Example: Metro Dumb Ways To Die video

The title piques curiosity and makes us want to learn more. Although it has a serious safety message, the video uses humour to engage the viewer, which resulted in it going viral and reducing Metro fatalities.
4. Inspirational Posts

What To Do: Capture breath-taking views, reveal awe-inspiring moments, or produce motivational content.

Why: It grabs people’s attention, and is a powerful way to associate your product with personal success for the viewer.

Example: Nike Dream Crazy video

Nike uses motivational videos to create positive associations with their brand and provide consumers with interesting material to develop body, mind and soul.

5. Customer Support Posts

What To Do: Help users answer frequently asked questions, saving them time and saving you resources.

Why: Short videos are more useful than written instructions to most people nowadays, so you improve your customer service and likelihood of retaining the customer from the start.

Example: Fitbit How To videos

Fitbit shows the power of video to answer customer enquiries. They have pages of video content providing answers to FAQs and tutorials.

6. Webinars

What To Do: Add real value to a viewer, don’t be overly-sales focused. Include audience interaction, exciting visuals, an event hashtag and a Q&A session.Webinar content can be reused to attract new attendees. Choose topics that address problems your target audience face.

Why: Webinars position you as thought leader and are a great qualified lead generation tool. Make webinars available for free and require attendees to submit information in exchange.

Example: Dev Ops Webinars


This Dev Ops provider uses webinars to help their target market understand and use their services, featuring company representatives and recognised thought leaders to promote their brand and add value for viewers.

What Else To Know About Video Marketing:

– Measure with analytics tools which Social Media platforms and video types get you most views, website traffic, and sales, and ask for customer feedback

– Make videos short and add captions because most people watch on mobile phones without sound

– Front-load compelling content and key messages to catch viewer’s attention quickly

– Match video types to audience expectations – for example, people scroll through Facebook to be entertained

– Optimise for search engines – host videos on your own domain before sharing to social media sites, enable embedding on your video for inbound marketing links, use video sitemaps, use captions, add relevant keywords in your video titles, tags, descriptions, transcripts

– Team up with online influencers who have loyal followers and appeal to your target customers

– Use targeted ads to reach various different user group demographic

– It’s all about subtlety – it shouldn’t feel like advertising

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