How To Find Fulfilment


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We have so many opportunities and responsibilities these days – everybody else seems to be having such a great life on social media. So how do we avoid FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and become pro-active in living a meaningful and happy life?

Here’s a round-up of expert advice for you to choose from:

Know Your Self

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Spend time working out what fills you with joy, and what success means to you. It could be spending time with family, travelling the world, improving the lives of the underprivileged or putting an end to palm oil use.

Knowing who you are enables you to decide who you are going to be and why you’re here. What’s important is to find your own definition of meaning and path to fulfilment.


Find Purpose

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Your purpose is a deep belief that leads to passion and inspiration. In childhood we have many grand ideas for ourself, before life squashes them out.

To find your purpose ask “If I could do anything with my life, and I knew I couldn’t fail at it, what would I be doing?”

Connect your purpose to your activities to achieve lasting fulfilment, as opposed to temporary happiness or success. Happiness comes from what we do. Fulfilment comes from why we do it.


Be Brave

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Making the decision to do what you are passionate about takes courage, and is actually a rite of passage to reach mental, emotional, and spiritual maturity that not many adults experience.

Work out what you want and imagine yourself getting it. Many people ignore this to avoid disappointment if things don’t work out, but it is a crucial step to achievement.

Remain open to change and new ideas. Don’t give in to doubts about your abilities. Make contingency plans and strengthen yourself emotionally to be ready for new experiences.



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Society tells us we are not good enough and happiness comes from external objects. But whatever we acquire, our purchases soon lose their appeal.

Fulfilment comes from ongoing self-improvement and acknowledging your growth.

Reflecting on challenges tackled and celebrating achievements gives a sense of meaning and purpose, along with the motivation to continue striving.


Be Responsible

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You are responsible for the way you perceive situations and your own fulfilment.

Stop blaming others or the world, and you’ll discover the power to control your own life. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


Live In the Present

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Let go of your never-ending self-talk. Take a break from social media distractions. Pause, and just be present.

Lower anxiety and improve focus by connecting to the stillness of the here-and-now. Immerse yourself in the present moment and your productivity and happiness will increase.



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Stop expecting and start appreciating. Stop thinking about what “should be” and start being grateful for “what is.”

Enjoy the simple pleasures such as silly jokes, a child’s hug, a dog’s welcome, sunny days, a good meal, a winter’s frosty walk.



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Contributing to the well-being of humanity and being part of something greater than yourself tends to make us feel better about life.

Find a cause you truly care about and give your time, money or ideally both. The act of contribution reminds us how successful and fortunate we are, and how small our problems really are.

You can be rich and successful by living your purpose, but you will be fulfilled everyday by what you give to ensure the happiness of others.
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