Top 5 Tactics To Get Your Website Found – Tactic 1

We know putting fabulous fresh Content online is the secret to attracting new website visitors and helping Google rank you higher in its search results. But what do you need to know to maximise your visibility?

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Build 4 audience personas which accurately represent your target customers. Work out their demographic information such as gender, age, income, employment, location and education using social media profiles, customer service surveys and FAQs.

Add depth such as their interests, families, homes, pets, cars, holidays, clothes, sports, music, tech, food, news and entertainment sources.

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Look for trends, such as mostly men in their 30s or women in their 50s, specific cities or job roles, and other common factors such as marital statuses, career histories and interests.

Identify their motivator – money, recognition, achievement, comfort, independence, relationships, development or something else. What goal does your service help your personas achieve?

Discover their pain point – is it getting employees to follow safety procedures consistently or high staff turnover? What barriers to success does your service help your personas overcome?

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A good persona is a picture of who your customers are and who they want to be. It allows you to build deeper relationships by delivering personalised content where your target customers want it.

Examples of Audience Personas and Content Solutions For A Health & Safety Training Provider

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Potential Personas:

  • Emily – age 36, Human Resources Manager, graduate, career-focused, married with young children, runner
    Pain Point – wants to use a professional, credible training company
    Content Solution- website verifies credibility by displaying IOTB, NEBOSH & CITB accreditation, Mission statement, Client List plus an up-to-date Linkedin profile
  • Jack – age 24, Construction Worker, 5 GCSEs, money-focused, single, grime music
    Pain Point – perceives training as boring and trusts peers not companies
    Content Solution – website introduces mascot, interesting training methods, peer reviews plus amusing Facebook and Twitter posts
  • Mark – age 45, Supervisor, 20 years industry experience, results-focused, has a partner and grown-up kids, rugby fan
    Pain point – has to manage site safety and employees’ time off-site
    Content Solution – website promotes different options including e-learning and weekend courses, emphasises experience and Trustpilot reviews, plus Facebook gives 5 star recommendations and safety fail videos
  • Geoff – age 57, Director, 40 years experience, company-growth focused, married with kids and grandkids, golf and travel fan
    Pain Point – directors responsibilities including financial restraint and safety legislation
    Content Solution – the website reassures with accreditation, blogs, a pass promise, payment plans, discount deals and informative industry newsletters

Examples of Audience Personas and Content Solutions For A Home Cleaning Company

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Potential Personas:

  • Kirsty – age 46, doctor, married with teenage children, relationship-focused (parents, teenager’s friends, PTA, health club, dinner parties)
    Pain Point – no time to keep a clean house and needs reliable service
    Content Solution – website displaying customer testimonials, reassuring cleaning will always be delivered and all staff referenced, plus helpful Time Saving tips on Facebook
  • Jo – age 34, Finance Executive, environment-focused, single, gym bunny and charity work
    Pain Point – wants a clean but green, ethical home
    Content Solution – website introduces green credentials such as products used and recycling targets, and focuses on staff welfare, plus self-development blogs and Twitter posts
  • Mark – age 51, Company Director, divorced with grown-up kids, reputation-focused, racing and tech gadget fan
    Pain point – workaholic so wants to enjoy precious free time in nice environment
    Content Solution – website succinctly covers FAQs and has a postcode checker to quickly allow access to the local contact, plus Linkedin gives 5 star recommendations and home gadget articles
  • Ben – age 26, web designer, money-focused, living with partner, real ale, folk music, surfer
    Pain Point- building own business any time not in the day job – no time to keep house as well
    Content Solution – website reassures with minimum hours service, peer reviews, loyalty scheme and inspirational Instagram posts

The great thing about named audience personas is that when writing Content to promote your online visibility, you can check back whether it would be interesting and attractive to your Emily, Jack, Mark or Geoff. If not, change it.

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