The Book That Stayed With Me Through 2018

We read or skim lots of books and articles in a year. What do we take away from them to improve our life?

This is the book that stayed with me throughout 2018:




The book gives a morning routine of 6 key actions called “Life S.A.V.E.R.S” – silence, affirmations, visualisation, exercise, reading and scribing – to help you live your best life.


1. Silence

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Wake up in the morning, sit in peaceful Silence. Breathe deeply, appreciate the moment, foster gratitude, relax the body, developing a deep sense of purpose.


2. Affirmations

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Read aloud daily Affirmations to reconfirm your unlimited potential and most important priorities, increasing levels of motivation, energy and confidence.


3. Visualization

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Visualize easily accomplishing the day’s goals, what it will look and feel like. Visualize the day going perfectly, enjoying work and family, and experience the joy of what you will achieve.


4. Scribing

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Write down what you’re grateful for, proud of, and what you are committed to delivering today, creating an empowered and inspired state of mind.


5. Reading

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Read a self-help book and learn a new idea to implement into the day. Discover something that can be used for improvement.


6. Exercise

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Exercise, increase the heart rate, get energised and awake, increasing ability to be alert and to focus.


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