How To Promote Your Blog – Part 2

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There are a number of ways to make the most of your blog posts. Once you’ve shared on social media, encouraged social sharing, built your e-mail marketing list, reached out to Influencers, worked on freshness and backlinks (see, here are more ideas to reach a wider audience:

1. Content Repurposing

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Content repurposing is turning your blog posts into another format to attract more traffic and continue to promote your content on a regular basis.This can include:

Infographics – use tools such as Piktochart, Canva or Visme to convert an Interview blog post into an Infographic, and publish the infographic on another platform to reach a wider audience. You can display graphs, flow charts, tables, maps, icons or timelines as Infographics.

Videos – film a team member discussing the key points in your content and upload it to YouTube (see for top tips on Video Marketing).

Podcasts – record yourself reading your blog post, and turn the recording into a podcast episode, using tools such as Audacity, Buzzsprout or Zencastr. Embed the recording at the top of your blog post, for visitors who’d rather listen than read.

Slideshare presentations – take highlights of your content and turn it into a webinar slide presentation using Slideshare.

PDF Downloads and E-Books –
turn multiple related posts into a useful pdf download or e-book, using software tools such as Web2pdfconvert or Webpagetopdf and Blogbooker, Pressbooks and Scrivener.

2. Popular Social Bookmarking (directory) Sites

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Social bookmarking sites allow users to post their favourite stories, images, and videos, and organise them by tags. Users can take these ‘bookmarks’ and add them to their collection or re-share.

There’s usually a voting system so members can ‘upvote’ their favourite posts on the platform’s Home page, helping you gain more exposure.

Sites to research then post to include:

Most of the good quality social bookmarking sites have their own set rules, be sure to follow these otherwise your content will marked as spam.

For example, if you try to post promotional links to Reddit, your account will be banned. It can be a worthwhile platform for sharing content, if handled the right way.

Answer the Burning Questions on Quora, compose a thoughtful answer and link to your related blog post.

3. Niche Social Bookmarking Sites

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Sharing your content in niche-specific sites will generate more relevant shares and traffic because your content has the right audience.

Niche social bookmarking sites have less traffic than the general ones but are much more focused, helping you spread your message in a much more efficient way. Getting attention on a niche social bookmarking site can help your branding development enormously.

Examples include:

4. Content Curation

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Some sites allow you to curate your content into their lists and collections. Doing this means your content can get in front of a larger audience.

Sites where you can curate your content include:

5. Content Aggregation

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Content aggregators collect content from other websites and “aggregate” it into one easy-to-find location – a win-win for readers and content-producers as visitors can find all content in one place, and creators get their content in front of a larger audience.

Popular content aggregators include:

Content aggregators tend to be automated and keyword based so may produce a lower quality, less bespoke output for the reader than curated sites.

6. Content Syndication (blog republishing)

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Content syndication involves sending your web-based content out to third-parties to republish on their own sites, to get your content in front of a bigger audience.

Publish on your blog site first, wait a few days until Google has indexed your post, and then get it republished on other platforms.

Or post a taster of your blog on the syndication sites with a link to your full article.

Add a rel=”canonical” tag code to the republished piece of content, with a link to the original content, to show Google which website originally published this content, and avoid duplication issues. For more information see

Content Syndication sites include:


Just changing the format you present your content in can help reach a wider audience.

Content can involve many forms other than written blog posts. Repurposing your posts by leveraging different types of content is a smart (and efficient) way to attract new audiences.

Take time to listen and understand how your chosen content sites work, to ensure your efforts are well-focused and productive.

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