How To Promote Your Blog – Part 1

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Once you are happy with your blog (see 7 Things That Make A Great Blog) you need to develop a system for getting it in front of as many of your target customers as possible.

Try out these tactics to discover what works best for your business. Once you have uploaded your blog to your website:

1. Social Media

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Share the blog on relevant social networks. For example, if you are looking for professional clients, LinkedIn is an excellent platform.

Tailor your message with your post to suit each network, such as using a long or short message, and adding appropriate hashtags.

Engage with people on social media including influencers, groups and brands, to grow your social media reach. Like, share and comment on their posts. 

Online communities allow you to build relationships and establish your authority. Provide value by getting involved in discussions, not just adding your links. Look for active, established groups that that suit your niche.

Create “evergreen” social media campaigns – a series of updates that constantly recycle themselves, to promote your post over and over again.

Try out scheduling social media scheduling tools (see Social Media Tips ) such as MeetEdgar, MissingLettr and CoSchedule to create an automatic queued library of your content.

Turn posts into Facebook ads to drive traffic to them. Target specific groups of people, such as people who like other Facebook pages in your niche, or who have an interest in specific topics.

2. Social Sharing

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Prompt web users to share your content by placing attractive Social Sharing Buttons and Click To Tweet widgets on your blog with a social sharing plugin, such as Social Warfare or Sassy Social Share Sassy Social Share.

Only include social sharing buttons for networks appropriate to your blog.

With Click To Tweet widgets, highlight a quote or phrase to stand out and encourage readers to share it.

3. E-Mail Marketing

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E-Mail marketing is one of the most powerful ways to promote your blog. To build a list of subscribers offer:

  1. An easy way for people to sign up to your list.
  2. A compelling reason to join your list, referred to as a ‘lead magnet’.

E-mail your subscriber list to start driving traffic to your latest post.

Include a brief “teaser email” to entice them to click through to your blog. Ask them to comment, like, and share it (include an easy link to share) to reach a wider circle of people.

Either send out an e-mail every time a new post is published (automate this using an RSS feed, for example via MailChimp or Mailer Lite), or send a newsletter of updates and latest posts at the end of the month.

Promote your content by including a link to your latest blog post and social profiles in your e-mail signature. Try Wisestamp or Drift.

4. Influencers

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Influencer marketing means reaching out to people in your sector who have a large number of followers, to promote your content to their followers. The right influencer sharing your post can make a huge impact on the number of views you receive.

There are tools you can use to find influencers, such as Buzzsumo or Kred. Alternatively, google your topic to find high-ranking blogs, research the people behind them on social media and check if they are good influencers to approach.

Contact them via social media or E-mail to let them know you have a blog post they might be interested in sharing with their audience.

Mention influencers in your posts (individuals or expert roundups) and include a link to them. Let them know you appreciate their work and have included a link to them in your piece. If it’s high-quality content, they might share it with their audience.

Interview influential bloggers, or ask them for quotes for your blog, to add unique value to your post that stands out. When it’s published, they are likely to share it with their followers.

Start making useful comments on the top blogs in your niche, to get the attention of other commenters and the blog owner (but don’t insert links to your blog in the comments). These readers might check out your blog, or invite you to guest blog for them.

5. Backlinks

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Win backlinks (also known as Inbound Links) to help your content rank on the competitive first page of Google.

Backlinks from high-quality sources in your niche prove to search engines that your post is also high-quality, and needs to be easily found by your ideal customers.

Research blog owners who might link to you by searching Google for list and resource posts on your topic, that have lots of links to other blog posts.

E-mail them explaining you enjoyed reading their post and that you wrote a blog on a related topic. Ask for their opinion, and whether they would add your link to their post, if they think their audience would be interested.

For lots more ways to build backlinks see Inbound Link Building.

6. Freshness

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Refresh your best-performing blogs regularly. Freshness is very important to Google when deciding which posts to rank where in search results.

Update posts with new information, so they continue to provide the best content for readers.

Set reminders to check how blogs are performing every 12 months, and whether they need revising. This could include:

  • Adding new tips, examples or insights
  • Answering questions raised in the comments section
  • Replacing outdated information
  • Checking all the links still work
  • Confirming  resources listed are still relevant
  • Adding images, screenshots, and graphs
Mark the headline as (Updated) or add a message at the top of the post with the date updated.


Use Google Analytics to see which strategies are working – how long visitors stay on your website reading posts, whether they convert to subscribers, and how much traffic is from social media versus e-mails.

Different posts may appeal to different audiences and need alternative approaches for maximum exposure.

Tweak your methods after gathering data, until you have created a process to use with every post published, to improve your return on investment (ROI).

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8 Benefits Of A Long-Term Blogging Strategy

Your business is underway – your premises, products and staff are all organised. Now it’s time to look at a process to keep winning new business for the months and years to come – Welcome to Blogging!
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Blogs are an excellent way to catch the attention of your target customers and search engines on an ongoing basis.

Nearly 80% of companies that use blogging reported acquiring customers through blogging. The more content pages a site has, the more leads it gets (HubSpot, 2018).

Blogs should provide ‘added value’ to readers – meaning they will learn something relevant and useful to them, and realise you are an expert in the area they are interested in.

Whilst we all hate being sold to, free answers to questions bugging us is a whole different tea party.

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Blogs must be well-structured, include images and keywords, and solve a problem for your ideal clients.

For example, a recruitment company may offer tips on retaining top performers; a commercial finance broker may explain how to match finance types to business needs.

Blogging Benefits

1.Brand Awareness

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Brand awareness is vitally important – blog posting lets you show a human side of your business, and give a sense of your values and personality.

Blogging helps you develop a strong online presence, and engage with customers. 

It provides a way for you to discuss issues concerning your prospects, and build up their trust. 

For example, a car repair garage could post a blog on ‘What Your Mechanic Expects You To Know’, to remove any intimidation a new client might feel visiting their premises. 

2. Search Engine Optimisation

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Search engines love fresh, relevant content, and rewards it with higher search results visibility. Blogging is the most straightforward method of creating new online material.

Regular blog posts provide Google and the others with more pages from your domain to index, and more internal links for PageRank to crawl.

This gives your target market more opportunities to find you, and also for you to rank for your keywords.

70-80% of users ignore paid ads and only focus on organic results. (Search Engine Journal)

3. Customer Relationship Building

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Customer engagement is a hugely  important part of online marketing and branding.

Blogging lets you connect with existing and potential customers in a conversational way, and build interactions through relevant, quality content. 

4. Expertise Demonstration

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Blogging is a great platform to establish your credibility in an industry.

By providing valuable information and insights, customers see the knowledge and experience you have in your field.

This builds your authority and keeps you front-of-mind when prospects are ready to buy.

5. Sharing Opportunities

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A really powerful benefit of blogging is the opportunity it gives readers to share the link to your blog with their contacts, both directly and via social media and E-Mail.

94% of people who share posts do so because they think it might be helpful to others. (Impact)

6. Website Traffic And Leads

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Your blog helps you maintain an active social media presence and drive traffic to your website.

In addition, blog posts provide content for email newsletters, another excellent way to increase web traffic and sales.

Add a Call-To-Action (such as free e-book, webinar, factsheet) to each blog post to generate leads. 

7. Inbound Links Generation

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Having high-quality inbound links to your website is key for SEO success.

When you provide dependable blog resources, you naturally accumulate inbound media links, as authors and bloggers reference your content in their articles.

 8. Compounded Long-Term Results 

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Roughly one in ten blog posts are ‘compounding’, which means that over time you continue to win web traffic from that blog (Hubspot).

Evergreen content is particularly likely to be picked up and scaled by search engines in this way, and continues to generate new leads without any additional investment. 






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Welsh Wisdom For Business Growth – Chris Evans

Learning from those who have already succeeded in business makes a lot of sense. Ignore their pearls of wisdom at your peril.

In this series we gather advice from successful Welsh entrepreneurs, bringing together their advice and opinions, to inspire and guide you to ever-greater business growth.

Sir Chris Evans



Sir Chris Evans made his fortune in bisociences. He was raised in Port Talbot, and set up his first business, Enzymatics, in Cambridge at age 29, selling his marital home to raise the capital needed. 

He went on to found companies including Excalibur, Merlin, Arthurian Life Sciences, Chiroscience, Celsis, Piramed, Vectura and Biovex. These are involved in research, development and investment into medicines, including for the treatment of cancer, retinal and arterial disease. 

Evans was one of the first to conduct stem cell research in 1995. He has built companies worth over £5 billion, employed over 4,000 scientists, advised governments, raised over £1.2bn in investment, and put billions into medicines research.

Evans launched the Life Sciences Hub with the Welsh Government in Cardiff in 2014, backed by a £100m fund. The facility brings together investors, businesses and advisers to boost the biosciences sector in Wales. Successes include ReNeuron and Proton Partners.

Business Growth Advice

1. Gain Experience First

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“Go and join someone else’s firm first – and the smaller the better, because they’re the ones filled with perils”.

“It’s no good just being a load of blokes in a room saying ‘let’s go and do this!’. You’ve got to start with the technology and the products”.

Helpful Resources:

2. Don’t Worry What Others Think

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“Go for it. Better to spend one day as tiger than 100 years as a sheep”.
“The worst thing is you fail. And if you fail, no one’s going to laugh at you, because no one knows who you are, so they don’t care.” 
Helpful Resources:

3. Listen To Lots Of Feedback

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Don’t be secretive about your idea – get negative and positive feedback, change it, then run with it.

“Always, always focus on what your customer wants, what they really need. Visit them, talk straight and if you blow their socks off you win the contracts and the cash.

“Don’t guess anything. Don’t think you know better than the customer. It worked for me and, thankfully, still does”.

Helpful Resources:

4. Persuasiveness Is Key

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“Be Creative, Flexible, Think Outside The Box. Display Energy and Positivity”.

“Now is the ideal time to get stuck in as an entrepreneur”.

“Money is waking up again. There’s a huge amount of innovation and invention around the world – there are so many funds now and individuals willing to invest.”

Helpful Resources:

5. Be Determined

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Chris Evans’ motto is: “There’s always a way!”

“Nobody knows you nor cares, so back yourself and your dream and sell it to investors and sell everything you possibly can to customers”.

Helpful Resources:

6. Build The Right Team

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Chris Evans has always cited the difficulty in building effective and harmonious, quality management teams. He considers them the single biggest contributor to the success or failure of SME’s.


This is an often mentioned issue by leaders, so it is clear that the right board and management team is critical to business growth.

Helpful Resources:


Quotes by Chris Evans – Sources:

Welsh Wisdom For Businesses – Douglas & Mary Perkins

Learning from those who have proved their success in business makes a lot of sense.

In this series we gather advice from successful Welsh entrepreneurs, bringing together their quotes and opinions, to inspire and guide you to ever-greater business growth.

Douglas Perkins & Dame Mary Perkins

Doug and Mary PerkinsPhoto:

Doug and Mary Perkins met at Cardiff University, founded Specsavers in 1984 in Guernsey, and gradually opened over 2,000 stores all over the world, to become the biggest global private optician chain.

The company operates as a joint-venture partnership – each Specsavers opticians is a separate legal business, with 50% of shares owned by the Specsavers Optical Group and 50% by the practice partners.

Each practice pays a fee to the Group for services and support such as IT, marketing, operations and retail training. Profits belong to the partners and staff in that store.

Mary sits on the Group board, oversees the Guernsey operation, runs PR, provides the retail know-how and vision.

Doug describes his role as ‘putting the infrastructure round that, and making sure we have done the support and marketing and motivation of people’.

Business Growth Advice

1. Work Hard

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Doug’s upbringing taught him a mantra he still swears by: if you didn’t work, you didn’t get.

“I am well and truly working class. And I’ve used it as an advantage: it gives you extra drive, there’s no doubt about that. When others may have slackened off, I’ve kept with the same work ethic for 50 years and I really enjoy what I do.”  

Mary says ‘We enjoy going to work every day. Just because we are of retirement age doesn’t mean we should stop doing what we love.’Helpful Resources:

2. Build A Family Values Culture

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Doug says “I’m not working for next year’s results like most people on the stock exchange, watching the share price bob up and down – that doesn’t interest me at all. My shareholders are out there on the shop floor.”

“That’s one of the reasons why we’ve never gone on the stock exchange, because then you would spend half your time talking to institutional shareholders”.

Mary believes the culture of the business – “still a private company with family values” – has been integral to its success.

With over 30,000 staff and a total turnover of £2.61 billion, Specsavers is a huge business, yet retains the feel of a family firm, or as Mary calls it “a family business with thousands of family members”.

Helpful Resources:

3. Focus On The Customer

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“Being working class gives you a work ethic but it also allows you to identify, always, with the importance of the customer, young and old, rich and poor,” says Doug.

Mary adds “I never lose sight of the customers. We wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t for them, so they… are my best friends, the most important people in my life.”

Helpful Resources:

Specsavers has achieved growth year after year. It has never closed a store, has no loans or outside investment. This is nothing to do with luck or timing, insists Mary, but the result of “careful appraisal of everything”.

Specsavers rigorously researches locations and partners, and is closely involved with the running of each store.

“A board member meets with all the opticians in every country every eight weeks…. It’s not all done from behind a desk, we’re very much involved at the sharp end.”

Helpful Resources:

5. Nurture Community Relationships

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The Specsavers joint venture structure encourages opticians to build engagement in their own patch.

Doug explains: “Reputation is ever more important with the new media around. Companies should stay close to their customers and be part of their communities.”

He warns the internet has increased customer expectations “Customers are searching for more value – for more for less. They’re more demanding, and more knowledgeable, using the internet to find out things for themselves, and they want better service. So they need to be told why they should spend money with you.”

Helpful Resources:

6. Stick To The Knitting

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Mary’s famous phrase is “Stick to the knitting”, which emphasises the importantance of sticking to core activities that mesh with your existing skills and customer base.

Specsavers have kept growth at a steady and manageable rate. A common cause of failure, she says, is “trying to run before walking, trying to get big in a hurry – there’s no need to do that”.

She warns against being too thinly spread, and losing culture and values when expanding into other markets.

“I think entrepreneurs who want to grow a business have to think really hard about whether they want to add on another country, or whether they should be strengthening what they’ve got.”

Helpful Resources:

7. Different Growth Stages Need Different People

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Growing a business necessitates some ruthless decisions, and involves difficult conversations.

“We started with generalists, we could all do a bit of everything. Then there comes a stage when you need specialists – a marketing director and so on.

Later when you go out to different countries, you need global experience.

So there are times when you have to say goodbye to someone… The people who start the business with you are not always the people you need as you get bigger.”

Helpful Resources:


Welsh Wisdom For Business Growth – Henry Engelhardt

How can we not learn from those who have already been there, done that and got the all the T-shirts in business?

In this series we gather advice from successful Welsh entrepreneurs, bringing together their quotes and opinions, to inspire and guide you to ever-greater business growth.

Henry Engelhardt 


Photo Credit: Admiral

Although not originally from Wales (born in Chicago), Henry Engelhardt deserves a place in our series due to the outstanding work he has done here, and the fact he continues to live in Cardiff.

After studying journalism, working as a Credit Exchange trader, travelling around Asia, completing an MBA, moving to the UK, and becoming a management consultant, Engelhardt moved into car insurance at Churchill before launching Admiral in 1993 in Cardiff.

He later created the UK’s first insurance comparison website,

Wales’ only FTSE 100 company, employing over 7,000 people globally, Admiral has been recognised for 19 years as one of the best big companies to work for, in the prestigious Sunday Times Best Company to Work For Awards. 

Henry himself also won the Best Leader for three years in a row.

He stepped down as CEO in 2016, but still works part-time in a senior management mentoring and recruiting role.

Business Growth Advice

1. Good Company Culture Involves Lots Of Actions

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“A good strong culture is not one item. It’s not about taking everyone skiing for a week and everyone says ‘what a great culture’.

It’s a lot of people doing a lot of different things to ensure there is good communication, people are treated with respect and fairly, that the rewards are appropriate and we help inspire people.”

All staff automatically get shares after working at Admiral for a year.

Helpful Resources:


2. Capture And Act On Employee Feedback

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“We measure everything. From systematically collecting information about how new employees imagine a great workplace to how many employees bring children to the Christmas party”

Engelhardt read every description of a great workplace from new employees, and met every employee face to face to explain the Admiral culture.   

Helpful Resources:


3. If People Like What They Do, They’ll Do It Better

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“This means we go out of our way to make working for Admiral as rewarding and enjoyable as possible. By creating this atmosphere we believe our staff will give our customers the best possible service and the business can continue to be a success”.

“The firm has been built around job satisfaction, with the founders giving each member of staff a piece of a jigsaw during their induction, in the hope of reminding them of their role in the firm.”

Admiral also has a “ministry of fun” that organises workplace games.

Helpful Resources:


4. The Internet Is An Irresistible Force

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“Young people globally buy insurance online”.

Convenience, price and speed have meant we have seen sales of online non-food items continue to increase.

Helpful Resources:


5. Capture And Act On Customer Feedback

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“If we didn’t have any customers, how many people would we employ”?

“Questions, comments, indignant remarks”?

“Communication, communication, communication. You can almost never over-communicate”.

Helpful Resources:


6. The Power Of The Team Is Invariably Greater Than The Power Of Any Single Individual

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“No individual makes the puzzle. We all work together, that’s how we see the big picture”.

We want people who WANT to work here”.

“When you get the most from your potential you usually feel better, about yourself, your job and you usually get the most reward as well”.

“Have fun, satisfy customers, make money. Ask yourself: what are YOU doing to make the most of your talent”?

“People make the difference. YOU make the difference. YOU are the people who will make this company great”.

Helpful Resources:


7. The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good

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This quote is attributed to Voltaire as  “The best is the enemy of the good”. Also Confucius said “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without”.

We must learn to balance our desire for perfection against becoming trapped in continued reworkings of projects, leading to diminishing returns.

Helpful Resources:


8. Always Take Lunch

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Whilst it is not easy to consistently make time for a lunch break, it’s essential both for employee health and improved productivity. 

Helpful Resources: