Tech Tools For Business Growth – Part 4

Tech Tools can assist your business growth, by providing efficient project management, increasing customer sales, automating financial management and much more.

Use our blog series to understand the advantages and disadvantages of tech tool options.

Part 4: E-Mail Marketing Software

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E-Mail Marketing is one of the most cost-effective and easy-to-manage marketing tools for businesses.

E-Mail Marketing automation tools create, send, test, optimise and report on email campaigns.

There are specific tools such as email subject line generators or inbox placement testing tools, and suites of e-mail marketing end-to-end tools, from e-mail automation to demand generation and revenue attribution.

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– automate and measure marketing tasks and workflows to increase operational efficiency and revenue 

– time savings, to allow employees to focus on creativity and strategy

– cost-effective, with no advertising fees or media costs.

– permission-based leading to greater customer responsiveness

– performance reporting to improve ROI

– retain full control, and establish direct contact with customers

– create engaging, personalised emails

– allows subscribers to share your email content to attract new followers and customers.

– manage contacts and segment users into groups for optimal results

 – scalability – use e-mail marketing to its fullest potential while delivering the best experience for subscribers 

– A/B testing of subject lines, calls-to-action, personalisation, content and images to ensure effectiveness.

– forecast future campaign performance based on historical data, using machine learning and AI


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