Top 5 Tactics To Get Your Website Found – Tactic 4

We know putting fabulous fresh Content online is the secret to attracting new website visitors and helping Google rank you higher in its search results. But what do you need to know to maximise your visibility?

Tactic 4 – Smash Social Media

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Social Media is a fantastic and essential way for smaller businesses to compete with larger brands without having to invest huge amounts of money. You can connect with new audiences, solve customer problems, reach influencers, generate leads and drive website traffic.

Social Media is used by most people, increasingly on mobile devices, and customers expect to find you active on these platforms. For success at Social Media:


1. Plan Your Social Media Goals

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Status brew recommends developing a strategy so you know why you are on social media – this will guide your activities to grow your business online, and assist your time-management.

For example, do you want to build your brand reputation, create an audience base, connect with professionals, share your best content, generate leads and web traffic, or reach out to lots of people quickly?

Sprout Social gives examples of additional goals such as:

  • Brand awareness (growth, engagements, location)
  • Brand consideration (link clicks, web traffic)
  • Competitor analysis
  • Audience engagement (likes, replies, shares)
  • Drive customer loyalty
  • Customer service efficiencies (engagement speed and rate)
  • Find new sales opportunities (conversations to join)
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Product launch analysis
  • Positive reviews
  • Event attendance
  • Community presence
  • Boost credibility via thought-leadership

So conduct an audit of your social presence now to find out what has and hasn’t worked, and set your goals.


2. Analyse Where Your Customers And Competitors Are On Social Media

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