Top 5 Tactics To Get Your Website Found – Tactic 5

We know putting fabulous fresh Content online is the secret to attracting new website visitors and helping Google rank you higher in its search results. But what do you need to know to maximise your visibility?

Tactic 5 – Workout Your Website

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A healthy website is essential to attract and retain the attention of search engines and visitors. Google is getting smarter at recognising context as well as content, and prioritises sites with expertise, authority and trustworthiness.

Backlinko explains that Google ranks search results by measuring how users interact with them.

A good User Experience (UX) where the article is relevant and authoritative so the user stays on Page (Dwell Time) will get rankings boosted.

A bad UX where the user ‘bounces’ back quickly to search results because the article is not useful or appropriate will get rankings lowered.

They add Google also takes account of organic Click Through Rate (CTR), which means that lots of people clicking on your search result should improve your rankings.

There are many factors affecting rankings, and not all of them hold the same weight. So what do you need to check to make sure your website is top of the pops?


1. Optimise For Mobile-First

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Google’s Mobile-First Index uses a website’s mobile version as the starting point to crawl, to reflect the ever growing number of searches from mobile devices.

Make sure your content is consistent across Desktop and Mobile, in case Google ignores content ‘hidden’ behind menus, tabs or buttons on mobile versions.

If you have the old mobile ‘ m’ version of your website, switch to a Responsive Design.

Deliver a great UX so people stay on your Mobile site. For example, avoid pop-ups that cover content and frustrate visitors.

Check how mobile friendly your site is with and the Mobile Usability report in Google Search Console

2. Speed Up Your Website

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Top 5 Tactics To Get Your Website Found – Tactic 4

We know putting fabulous fresh Content online is the secret to attracting new website visitors and helping Google rank you higher in its search results. But what do you need to know to maximise your visibility?

Tactic 4 – Smash Social Media

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Social Media is a fantastic and essential way for smaller businesses to compete with larger brands without having to invest huge amounts of money. You can connect with new audiences, solve customer problems, reach influencers, generate leads and drive website traffic.

Social Media is used by most people, increasingly on mobile devices, and customers expect to find you active on these platforms. For success at Social Media:


1. Plan Your Social Media Goals

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Status brew recommends developing a strategy so you know why you are on social media – this will guide your activities to grow your business online, and assist your time-management.

For example, do you want to build your brand reputation, create an audience base, connect with professionals, share your best content, generate leads and web traffic, or reach out to lots of people quickly?

Sprout Social gives examples of additional goals such as:

  • Brand awareness (growth, engagements, location)
  • Brand consideration (link clicks, web traffic)
  • Competitor analysis
  • Audience engagement (likes, replies, shares)
  • Drive customer loyalty
  • Customer service efficiencies (engagement speed and rate)
  • Find new sales opportunities (conversations to join)
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Product launch analysis
  • Positive reviews
  • Event attendance
  • Community presence
  • Boost credibility via thought-leadership

So conduct an audit of your social presence now to find out what has and hasn’t worked, and set your goals.


2. Analyse Where Your Customers And Competitors Are On Social Media

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Top 5 Tactics To Get Your Website Found – Tactic 3

Putting interesting new Content online is essential to attracting new website visitors and persuading Google to rank you higher in its search results. But how do you maximise your visibility?

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Tactic 3 – Love Inbound Links

Inbound links are links on other websites that point to a page on your website. They are also known as inbound links, backlinks, and links to your site.

Inbound links are crucial to Google’s PageRank system – the more relevant websites with good reputation refer to your site, the higher your website appears in its rankings. However great your content, your website power and traction is provided by trustworthy, authoritative sources linking to you.

Whilst link-building takes time to implement and reap results, Backlinko analysed 1 million Google search results in 2016 and found that links impacted rankings more than any other factor.

Quality links are more important than the quantity, although this varies by industry. Links in the middle of the main body of text are most valuable. A diverse and natural-looking anchor text (the clickable text section of a link) distribution improves your site’s rankings.

Inbound links are different to Internal Links – links that point from one webpage of your site to another page of your site, also known as website navigation. Internal links can assist your SEO by pointing to your best resources and improving visitor experience and time spent on site, which can improve your page’s search rankings.


Short-Term Actions To Win New Inbound Links:


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1. Check Who is Already Linked To You

Use Google Search Console to learn about sites that are referring to you. Be aware it shows all websites ever linked to you, including ones that have been removed, and you can’t check what anchor texts are being used.

Use tools to look at how you rank for certain keywords in comparison to your competitors and see what your link profile currently looks like.
For example, check an indicator of a URL’s PageRank using Ahrefs or use Moz’s “Domain Authority” metric


2. Check Who Is Linked To Competitors

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How To Use Content Marketing To Win New Training Business

If you are a training company looking to stand up and be found, Content Marketing is the way to win more business.

What Is Content Marketing?

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Content Marketing is the creation of entertaining and educational material that solves problems for your potential customers, generating interest in your business by offering solutions in a non-salesy way.

It includes blog posts, articles, podcasts, newsletters, e-books, webinars, quizzes and videos, and sets you apart from your competitors.

Consistent Great Content builds trust and loyalty with your target audience, and interprets your offering to search engines – through keywords and text (SEO) – to allow more buyers to find you online when researching answers.

Informative Content Marketing is a long-term strategy that continues reaching quality buyers by ongoing sharing of your valuable insights through blogs, forums, social media, paid and influencer channels.

Accurate and relevant Content Marketing brings people to you rather than you approaching them, bringing you website traffic, leads, customers and advocates.
How Do I Plan Content Marketing?

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People are looking for information online, so answering your target clients’ questions with valuable knowledge via blog posts, e-books, and videos will push you up search results and  highlight you as an authority in the training industry.

Research who your audience is, then use a content calendar (such as these to plan what to publish when and where.

Use timely ideas (such as holidays, industry events, seasons, awards) plus evergreen topics that stay fresh (such as ‘How To Motivate Difficult Staff’).

Choose your goal – new customer sales, increased existing customer sales, improved brand awareness, industry expert status, education of Influencers, building a long-term audience, a larger social media following, more website visitors, increased conversions to sales – and tailor content accordingly.

Choose a content marketing mission to keep you focused, such as “We provide SMEs [our audience] with staff development information [our type of content] to help them increase profitability through reduced sickness and improved safety [their business goals]”.


What Content Should I Publish To Win New Training Business?

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Blogs are the main starting point for Content Marketing. Provide, for  example:

  • Useful How-To Guides – Establishing A Safety Culture In The Workplace In 2019
  • Educational Tutorials – How To Perform A Risk Assessment
  • Industry news and Insights – Mental Health At Work – Your Obligations
  • Checklists – Comprehensive Accident Reporting, Fire Test Procedures
  • Inspirational Case studies – How Company X saved £50,000 per year on staff sickness and recruitment after Company Y Delivered the Mental Health First Aider course
  • Expert Advice – 10 Most Common Health & Safety Myths

Blogs Should Be:

  • Relevant and Recent – How Shell Could Have Avoided a £60,000 Health & Safety fine
  • Long-Form – Complete Guide To Care Home Workplace Safety
  • Targeted to a Specific Persona – How To Manage Working At Heights In The Commercial Cleaning Sector

Lead Magnets

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Lead magnets can be ebooks, webinars, resource lists, reports, free trials, quizzes, mini-courses that generate leads by solving a real problem for your customers, such as ‘How To Manage The Health & Safety Of Mobile-Workers’.

They should provide valuable insights with easy-to-implement solutions that show off your expertise.


Guest Blogs

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to improve SEO, raise your brand awareness, attract inbound links, build trust, and get new online visitors.

  • Identify appropriate and authoritative sites that your ideal customers visit, such as business agencies, enterprise news, trade journals, management, health and finance platforms.
  • Pitch and write a great topic such as ‘ How To Protect Yourself From Personal Liability In Workplace Health & Safety Claims’.
  • Respond to comments and shares to engage individuals and build new relationships.
  • Promote content using social media and measure results.


Gated Content 

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Gated Content means hiding some content to entice visitors to subscribe, using a powerful Call To Action (CTA) in your landing page.

You can gate blog posts, news articles, white papers and research, webinars and videos, checklists and cheat sheets, downloadable resources and tools, lead magnets.

Whilst gated content can annoy visitors, and reduce the number of people you connect to, it can help you understand who your true audience is, what matters to them, build deeper relationships and create more targeted marketing.

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Video is one of the most popular content formats around, and is proven to generate leads and make sales.

You can create explainer videos, showcase your services, deliver tutorials and lots more simply using a mobile and YouTube, so it’s easy to get started.

Have a look at our guide for more ideas:


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Video Marketing For The Terrified – What To Post?

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Rumour has it Video Marketing is essential for winning new website traffic. By posting fantastic videos on Social Media, viewers want to click on your website link to find out more. They also stay longer on your website – good news for converting a visit to a sale.

Videos are an exciting way to tell your story, show off your products, and educate customers about your benefits.

81 percent of people say a brand’s video has convinced them to purchase a product (WyzOwl)But What Should You Post?

Be inspired by our Guide featuring brilliant examples of different types of Video Marketing Posts:

1. Educational Posts

What To Do: Help potential customers understand how to use your product and its value to them.

Why: 95 percent of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service (Wyzowl).

Example: Dropbox Intro Video

This explainer video shows how Dropbox lets users access all their documents in one place, wherever they happen to be, and the benefits of this service.

2. Proof It Works Posts

What To Do: When creating video success stories focus on the story of your customer and the success they achieved from using your product.

Why: Video provides social proof for your product, with customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89% (WebDam).

Example: Hubspot Airstream Customer Video

HubSpot prove the quality and relevance of their products by positive testimonials from their interesting customers. The satisfied customer explains how their solutions make business life easier and assists their growth plans.
3. Entertaining Posts

What To Do: Get people to laugh or smile.

Why: The content should intrigue them to investigate your brand further.

Example: Metro Dumb Ways To Die video

The title piques curiosity and makes us want to learn more. Although it has a serious safety message, the video uses humour to engage the viewer, which resulted in it going viral and reducing Metro fatalities.
4. Inspirational Posts

What To Do: Capture breath-taking views, reveal awe-inspiring moments, or produce motivational content.

Why: It grabs people’s attention, and is a powerful way to associate your product with personal success for the viewer.

Example: Nike Dream Crazy video

Nike uses motivational videos to create positive associations with their brand and provide consumers with interesting material to develop body, mind and soul.

5. Customer Support Posts

What To Do: Help users answer frequently asked questions, saving them time and saving you resources.

Why: Short videos are more useful than written instructions to most people nowadays, so you improve your customer service and likelihood of retaining the customer from the start.

Example: Fitbit How To videos

Fitbit shows the power of video to answer customer enquiries. They have pages of video content providing answers to FAQs and tutorials.

6. Webinars

What To Do: Add real value to a viewer, don’t be overly-sales focused. Include audience interaction, exciting visuals, an event hashtag and a Q&A session.Webinar content can be reused to attract new attendees. Choose topics that address problems your target audience face.

Why: Webinars position you as thought leader and are a great qualified lead generation tool. Make webinars available for free and require attendees to submit information in exchange.

Example: Dev Ops Webinars


This Dev Ops provider uses webinars to help their target market understand and use their services, featuring company representatives and recognised thought leaders to promote their brand and add value for viewers.

What Else To Know About Video Marketing:

– Measure with analytics tools which Social Media platforms and video types get you most views, website traffic, and sales, and ask for customer feedback

– Make videos short and add captions because most people watch on mobile phones without sound

– Front-load compelling content and key messages to catch viewer’s attention quickly

– Match video types to audience expectations – for example, people scroll through Facebook to be entertained

– Optimise for search engines – host videos on your own domain before sharing to social media sites, enable embedding on your video for inbound marketing links, use video sitemaps, use captions, add relevant keywords in your video titles, tags, descriptions, transcripts

– Team up with online influencers who have loyal followers and appeal to your target customers

– Use targeted ads to reach various different user group demographic

– It’s all about subtlety – it shouldn’t feel like advertising

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